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                    Ulanquab Kema New Material Co., LtdProvide new materials for customers
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                    Contact us

                    Company name: Wulanchabu Kema New Material Co., Ltd

                    Contact information: Clair Guo Tel/whatsapp:18758868090 


                    You Jin Tel:15547400001

                    Company QQ: 282069147

                    Company fax: 0474-4860108

                    Detailed address: Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu Chayou back Banner Baiyin Chagan Town Mengwei Industrial Park

                    Email: guoxueni8090@gmail.com

                    • Multi product management
                    • Quality reaches medical level
                    • Ten years of production
                    • Eurocode medical grade
                    • Three systems certification
                    • 500 customers trust
                    Coperate culture

                    CORPORATE CULTURE

                    Business Philosophy

                    Quality first, integrity - oriented

                    Team Philosophy

                    The goal is the same, the burden is leading, the tacit trust and risk sharing

                    Talent Philosophy

                    What position lies on what ability